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Ok, so you might already have some idea as to what I like in the bedroom, but what other things might we enjoy together? Don't worry; time outside of the boudoir can be just as stimulating to me, and we likely have some overlap in interests. My serious non-sexual fetishes are:


 - Opera/classical music

 - Lingerie shopping

 - I adore a good film (especially when snuggled up under a duvet with you!). I'm a massive horror nerd (think more 'Shining', less 'I Know What You Did Last Summer') but enjoy most genres

 - Cocktails! I'm not too much of a drinker but I do love a nice, sweet, fruity cocktail and I have many nice places to suggest

 - I am a bit of a foodie and can recommend several amazing restaurants for us to exchange glances over dinner. I am just as at home in L'Atelier as I am in a pop-up street food place, as long as there are some veggie options!

 - A good stroll. I think sometimes walking together through the streets of London or in a nice park can be just as intimate as sex. 

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