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Come get close and personal with me during social distancing

So, the world has turned upside down, life as we know it is no more (at least for now), and we are all horny as fuck. Sex is more than just a primal urge for many of us; it can also be a conscious way of releasing nervous energy, a pathway to accessing that delicious cocktail of endorphins and oxytocins that makes us feel so good, that thing that lifts the enormous weight off our shoulders in a time that is troubling to all of us. But what does one do if they are trapped indoors without their usual access to extra-curricular entertainment?

I, like you (I presume) am finding the lockdown somewhat of a challenge. I simply am not built to deal with this level of sexual non-contact! So, in the spirit of keeping calm and carrying on, I am now offering blisteringly hot, fully tailored GFE/PSE Skype dates, as well as written email correspondence packages. Let's do all the things we can do in person one day soon, but let's not wait to do them. Please get in touch if you would like to set up a date, your locked-down cock will thank you!


So, I just couldn't resist. I made an Onlyfans where you can subscribe for just $10.99 per month. Featuring silly names, saucy videos, little hello's, the occasional bit of piano playing and, naturally, all the sexiness I can fit into lockdown.

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