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*This blog post contains a depiction of a role-play fantasy, certain elements of which may not reflect my personal feelings, nor the high expectations that I have in terms of client conduct, negotiation of boundaries/consent and discretion. Enjoy responsibly <3

Fantasies can often be inspired by and reflective of reality, or at least some semblance of it. Sometimes the mirror is tinted black, and the fantasy takes different turns than it ever could, or should, in real life. And, of course, things can happen the other way around and something that begins purely as a fantasy can end up being reality, whether you wanted it to or not. Though it would be a fantasy in itself to say that I ended up in sex work solely because of an abiding pre-existing fantasy about being an escort (though I do like this slightly shinier version of the truth!), day dreams of illicit encounters that began with a payment did indeed have a powerful effect on me and my sexual desires from the moment I learned about prostitution.

I remember it well. I was due to give a reading in church as a young child, and decided to practice beforehand to make sure I knew all of the words in the scripture. One word stood out: prostitute. I had never heard of it before and could not work out, even through context, what it might mean. And so, I did the only thing I could think to do; I asked my father. He looked at me, puzzled. ’What’s a prostitute?’, he repeated my question back at me.

‘It’s a woman who doesn’t know how to behave herself’

From that moment until I was perhaps mid-teens, I solidly believed that ‘prostitute’ was just a name for a naughty girl, and I’m pretty sure I even called a classmate a prostitute once, thinking myself very clever for using such a big, grown up word. Later, when I learned about the reality, the existence of women who exchanged sex for money, I was instantly intrigued. Back then, I imagined escorts in two distinct ways, neither of which are universally true to life (but, incidentally, seem to be the two main representations in mainstream media and lazy journalists’ opinion pieces). On the one hand, I imagined the powerful woman who sees men who want to have sex with her so much that she can charge them a fee for this thing that is usually given away for free. How beautiful she must be, and what power she holds in between her legs! On the other hand, it was the desperate woman I pictured; one who will let men use her because she needs their money. Strangely (or perhaps not so strangely!) it was both ends of this somewhat imaginary binary that I was drawn to. I already felt strong submissive desires at this early stage of my sexual development, and the idea of having to do whatever a man wanted me to do because he was paying me to do it was earth shatteringly arousing. On the other hand, I loved the idea of swanning into a fancy hotel suite, dressed to the nines, luxury lingerie under my designer trench coat, ready to take the man waiting inside to whole new realms of pleasure, before leaving just as I had arrived. Though it feels more than a little problematic to confess, now that I have lived various realities within the adult industry, I still find the idea, the concept of being an escort…hot. I thought it might be fun to remember my earliest imaginings and fantasies, from before I stepped into this tawdry and beautiful bubble; to share them here as a role-play story centred around those escort-as-submissive desires that were stirring in me long before life took me through some strange and curious turns, ultimately leading me here - I hope you enjoy!

Getting ready was everything. The anticipation of what was to come, the butterflies in her stomach. Facing the mirror, she slowly and carefully applied her makeup. He’d asked for smoky eyes and red, glossy lips. She wondered what he might be like; when he had called her earlier to book her services, beyond his specific makeup and wardrobe requests, they had spoken only to confirm the location of his apartment - a penthouse in Mayfair - the time she should arrive and her fee. He’d sounded reserved, calm, in control.

Finishing the final touches to her face, she plumped her now juicy looking lips, sliding her tongue over them just enough to taste the sweet gloss she had just applied. She stood up from her dresser and slowly untied her satin robe, letting it fall to her feet. Standing totally naked for a moment, she gazed back at the mirror, looking only at her perfectly round breasts and the soft, dark fur shrouding her pussy. She hoped that she would please the man she was to see tonight.

Looking through her wardrobe, she searched for her little black dress. Almost backless, save a few slim, elegant straps, it was long enough only to graze the middle part of her thigh. Just enough to cover the tops of her black stockings, and the suspenders that held them in place (though the tiny bulges of the strap adjusters could just about be seen through the black material, if you knew where to look). Once she had the dress on, she reached for her perfume and sprayed it on her slender neck and wrists. Slighty spicy, with subtle splashes of saffron, it would slowly settle into a soft, sensual amber base. Perfect for seduction.

Standing by her front door, now wrapped in a coat and wearing her best Loubs, she took a few moments to go through her check list. There were the obvious things; condoms, her favourite silky lubricant, her finest lingerie (still in its box in her bag, to be changed into once she had arrived at his apartment and showered), the tiny silver pillbox attached to her keys, filled with breath mints. Then there were a few little extras she’d packed just in case. Her newest dildo; black and gold marbled silicone with a suction cup base. A porcelain anal plug, and a small wand vibrator. A fence net crotchless body stocking, just in case the trashy hooker look was more his thing. She secretly liked wearing it just as much as her expensive lingerie, both for the way it made her look and the way it made her feel. Satisfied that she had everything she might need, she stepped out of the door and onto the street, ready for the night ahead.

Across town, he stood at his window - which had views over Hyde Park - checking his watch. She would be here soon and his head was filled with desire for her. Well, for her body, and all of the erotic possibilities it would present him with. He had selected her based entirely on what she looked like; tall, long legs, slim, with blue eyes and deep brunette wavy hair that went all the way down to her small waist. Her tits were perfect and her ass was a beautiful, round peach, ready for taking. He felt, having spent some time in the afternoon looking at her photos, that he could predict her personality. Though there looked to be fire in her eyes, she would be slightly shy - meek, even. He expected her to be submissive, to do as he said, to please him in every way he wished her to. He had had another long day today at the office that he was the boss of, and tonight wanted for an uncomplicated, indulgent time to unwind. She would serve him sexually, perhaps over and over again if he felt like it, and then she would leave and he would go to bed, satiated. His long day at the office would be long forgotten.

He was already prepared for her arrival; he had showered, swilled his mouth with mouthwash, and sprayed himself with his Atelier cologne. He’d checked himself out in the large mirror that stood against the wall closest to the bottom of his bed. His smooth, slightly quiffed hair was a mix of salt and pepper, the short stubble on his face matching. Although at 48 he was not as young as he once was, he was in good shape, and intended to get just as much of a workout tonight as he had in the gym this morning before work. And he certainly still had the sexual appetite of his younger self; it would have been a curse if he didn’t have the resources to quench his thirst as often as he did. He had even, at the last minute, run a hot bath in anticipation of her arrival, though it was not for him. He went in to the kitchen over to the wine rack, picking out a fine vintage red. He selected two wine glasses from the sleek glass display cabinet next to where the wines were kept, bringing everything into the living room and placing it on the large, marble-topped coffee table. He sat in his leather armchair, closing his eyes and sighing as he lightly touched his trousers over his cock, which was growing slightly tumescent, all the while becoming more and more ready for her.

As her taxi pulled up to the apartment building, she opened her little pillbox and tipped a breath mint into her hand, before putting it in her mouth. After taking one last look at herself in the rearview mirror, she stepped out on to the pavement and towards the imposing looking building. A man wearing a tall hat ushered her in through a large wooden door with ornate glass panels. The doorman had a kind face, and the good grace not to make her feel observed. They’re obviously used to seeing ladies of the night in, and then out again a few hours later, she thought. She made her way to the lifts and, once inside, pressed the top button for the eighth floor. As the doors closed, she felt that familiar excitement mixed with a frisson of tension, not quite knowing what lay ahead. Her heels clicked on the floor as she made her way from the lift to the door to his apartment; the only one on this floor. As she raised her hand to knock, the door opened and there he was, tall - and handsome in his own way - saying nothing but motioning for her to step inside and handing her a white envelope, which she knew would contain tonight’s fee. She smiled at him and went in, letting him take her coat before following him into the front room. There was a smart grey sofa on either side of the coffee table, which was positioned on a large, circular rug. Still in her heels, she gracefully turned to him. He was looking at her, still silent. Now, she felt observed, and it was making her slightly nervous, though this was the kind of nervous that she enjoyed; the kind that made her look forward to whatever was to come. She looked up at him. He was even taller than he’d looked when he’d let her in. She quietly cleared her throat.

‘Hi, my name is D -‘

‘Go to the bathroom, Miss Blake, and take off all of your clothes.’ He said, firmly.

She looked around and, behind the tall leather armchair in the corner of the room, she could see a hallway leading to an open door. Through the door, a huge freestanding bath, and steam on the mirror. Without speaking, she walked towards the bathroom. He followed as far as the entrance, stopping there and resting against the doorframe. She turned around to face him, slightly hesitant. He gave her a look that told her not to ask him to repeat his previous instruction and, with that, she slowly pulled her dress over her head, now only wearing a black suspender belt, stockings and panties. She looked up at him and could see he was still waiting.

‘All of them’, he said.

Darla removed everything until she was completely naked. He looked her up and down, taking in every detail of her body. It was everything he had hoped it would be. ‘Ok’ he said, casually. ‘Get in the bath, I want you clean’.

She thought about telling him that she had already bathed at home, but could see that this was not the cleaning exercise he had implied; he would enjoy watching her wash herself for him. As she stepped slowly into the warm water, she used her hands to steady herself on the sides as she sat down. She picked up the soap and began to lather up the parts of her body that were not submerged; her arms, her neck, her breasts. Her nipples began to stand erect as she slid her hands over them; her body was telling him that she was aroused. As she went to kneel up to wash her pussy and asshole, the parts she knew would be his favourite, he stopped her, still standing by the door. ‘No, not like that’, he said. ‘Sit up on the side of the tub and bring your holes backwards so that they are accessible’. She did as she was bid, putting the weight of her body on the top of her thighs on the side of the bathtub, and leaning slightly forward at the waist so as to arch her back, giving him the exact view that he wanted. She went to wet her hands in the water but, as she was doing so, he stepped forward and walked towards her. ‘Stay perfectly still’ he said, calmly. He formed a cup shape with his hands, scooped up some water and began to wash her. His fingers moved around every part of what was between her legs, spilling water onto the floor below as he moved his firm hands back and forth. Her pussy was so soft, and her asshole looked deliciously tight. He would enjoy that later, he thought. His hands were beginning to stimulate her in such a way that she could feel herself getting wet, wanting more. She let out a soft moan and leaned into him. One of his hands still touching the soft folds of her pussy, he lifted her chin up with the other so that she was looking up at him, brought his lips down to hers and kissed her passionately. She returned the kiss, allowing her tongue to explore his mouth just as his was exploring hers. She could feel herself melting into him, longing for him to keep touching her, keep kissing her. Just as the desire for him to keep going appeared, a knock at his front door came and he abruptly stopped, slowly stood upright again and walked towards the door of the bathroom.

‘Stay exactly where you are’, he ordered, softly, with no hint of panic in his voice.

She suddenly felt exceptionally exposed; who was this at his door and why was he even contemplating answering it right now?! Her instinct was to get out of the bath and cover her nakedness, but somehow she felt more compelled to do as he had told her, so she stayed put. He had left the bathroom door open and she could hear him opening the door, and then another voice. A man. She could not tell what they were saying, but her client sounded so cool and collected; so unfazed by the situation. She wondered if, like the doorman downstairs, he was also very used to escorts coming and going, though, unlike the doorman, he had one sitting naked on the edge of his bathtub at this very moment. She could feel her heartbeat quicken as she heard whoever was at the door being invited in, and footsteps heading towards the bathroom.

‘Sure you can see her; she’s quite something’, she heard his now familiar calm voice saying and, with that, the two men appeared at the door. She lifted her hand from the side of the bathtub and used it to try to cover her breasts, and she shuffled forward on the side of the bath so that her private parts were not so on display. She looked up at both of them and immediately felt her cheeks flush, with both shame and arousal in equal measure. ‘I thought I told you to stay where you were’ he said, prompting her to get back into position. The other man was dressed in a business suit and, she guessed, might be a colleague of his. He had a smile on his face that told her that he was excited by the situation rather than embarrassed by it. ‘Darla, Paul and I have to briefly discuss something in the other room, but before that happens, Paul is going to touch your pussy. You are going to stay still, ok?’

She nodded her head in agreement and felt Paul’s fingers lightly touch her. She knew that he would feel that she was wet, and she couldn’t decide whether that was a good or a bad thing.

‘Mmmmmm, fuck she feels good,’ Paul exclaimed. ‘Mind if I join you tonight?’

Her client looked her in the eye and, giving her a slight smile, replied ‘I’m afraid I do. I’m going to have her all to myself this evening.’ With that, the two men left the bathroom and he turned around, told her to get out of the tub and to get dressed in her lingerie whilst he finished speaking with Paul.

He had always had a thing for showing off his toys to his friends. Especially toys as beautiful as she was. After hurriedly finishing off business matters with Paul, he showed him out and closed the front door behind him. Re-focusing his mind on what was to come, he headed back to the bathroom, excited as to what he might find there. Slowly opening the door, he was surprised to see that she’d left the room entirely, but didn’t need to wonder for very long as to where she’d gone, as he felt her soft hands gently wrapped around his waist from behind, lightly resting where his cock lay underneath his trousers. He was already hard, and couldn’t resist turning around to look at her. What a vision! A delicate red lace bra and panties, completed with a matching suspender belt and stockings. Without a word and without breaking eye contact with him, she slowly got down to her knees, unzipping his trousers and lightly rubbing the outline of his erection, which was now strong and ready to go. Her blue eyes were hypnotic, and seeing her in front of him looking up made him want to come right away. He took down his trousers and pants, leaving his crisp white shirt on, his cock poking out from underneath. She took it, first in her hands - oh god, how good they felt on his dick! - and then her mouth. Warm silk. That’s exactly how it felt, as she expertly teased the tip of his cock with her tongue whilst sucking his cock, and him, into oblivion. He lightly placed his hand on the back of her head, guiding the pace he wanted as well as the depth. He could feel a little gag when he reached the back of her throat but he could tell she was good at this. And anyway, the gag felt good, so supremely good. It felt good to be using this high end, expensive escort just like the slut he knew she loved to be.

‘Come with me to the bedroom,’ he told her, helping her up from the floor. He was enjoying her blow job skills almost a little too much, and didn’t want to come before he’d had a chance to fuck her. She smiled at him, licking her lips and lightly biting them with her teeth. She was driving him wild. This was exactly what he had hoped for when he’d called her earlier that day.

This was exactly what he needed.

As they walked into the bedroom, he noticed that she’d left some things out on the bedside table; a butt plug, a vibrator and a dildo. ‘Get on the bed,’ he ordered, with much more softness in his voice than before. ‘On your back. Open your legs.’

She did as he’d asked, seductively removing her panties before spreading her legs as wide as they would go, showing him everything. He picked up both the plug and the dildo. After lubing her asshole, he slowly inserted the plug into her, watching her envelope it as it went inside. Now her asshole was filled, he took the dildo and applied more of the silky lube she’d brought with her. Fucking her pussy with it now, he looked at her as she writhed with sheer abandon. He wasn’t sure how much longer he’d be able to hold off from fucking her. As he finished using the dildo on her, she looked up at him, sweat misting her forehead.

‘Why don’t you stroke that beautiful cock of yours and let me watch you do it as I play with my pussy,’ she asked. He was never going to say no to a request like that and, casting the dildo aside, poured some of the lube onto his cock and started slowly stroking, all the while maintaining eye contact with her. His cock felt so good, and he couldn’t wait for it to be inside her. He watched as she lightly played with her clit, which was becoming engorged. She looked so fuckable, so sexy but with a slight hint of innocence which beguiled him completely.

He couldn’t take it any more. Picking up a condom and sliding it down onto his now rock hard cock, he got on the bed and on top of her. ‘I want to feel that plug in your ass whilst I fuck your pussy,’ he said, almost immediately slipping himself fully into her.

She gasped; this is what she’d been waiting for. The whole night had been leading up to this. As he slid inside her, she felt like she might come straight away, having played with her clit for him just a moment ago. As he started fucking her - slowly at first - she pushed herself back against him, making sure that he was as deep as possible. She wanted him to be in a state of pure bliss, just as she was. He started to fuck her more quickly now, building up into a beautiful rhythm, both of them looking into the others’ eyes as their bodies melted into each other. His hands were gripping both sides of her long hair, forming fists and holding her head in place so that she couldn’t look away. ’I feel like I’m going to come!’ She said, meaning every word.

He felt her pussy tighten and release over and over again on his cock, in waves of pleasure. Her orgasm was strong and now he wanted his. Without saying anything, he flipped her over. ‘On your hands and knees, you horny slut.’ At the exact moment she was in position, he penetrated her once again, feeling the bulge of the plug in her ass as he fucked her sweet, tight, warm pussy. The pressure from the bulb shaped toy also inside her made everything feel even tighter, fuller, and more beautiful. He quickened his pace, now grabbing her by the hips and driving himself into her again and again. He could feel that familiar twinge that told him it wouldn’t be long now. ‘Where do you want my come?’ He asked her, still pounding away. Doggy style was his preference and, judging by her response as she pushed back on him, it might be hers, too. She looked back at him, all seduction and satiation, and said three beautiful words.

‘On my face.’

He almost came there and then; coming on a girl’s face was one of his all time favourites, and he hadn’t even needed to ask. Holding her hips tightly now, he thrashed into her a few more times before pulling out and telling her to get on her knees on the floor. She did as she was told, now wearing nothing but her stockings and suspender belt, her breasts naked and her nipples erect. She looked up at him as he took hold of her head and stroked his cock once again. This time was different from when she had told him to stroke it before. Now there was an urgency; the stroking became frantic and breathless. ‘Please may I have your come?’ She asked, still gazing up at him with those beautiful big blue eyes of hers. With that, he felt the orgasm rip through his whole body, shooting it out onto her eagerly waiting face. God she looked so perfect with his come on her and, as he flopped down onto the bed beside her, he thought about, even though it had turned into a frenzied quickie in the end, how perfect the whole night had been. Just what he’d asked for.

As she gathered the last of her things after showering, she thought too what a great night it had been. She loved it when the chemistry was just right with a client and, though she knew she may never see him again, she would remember him for this one encounter. She poked her head into the bedroom on the way out, kissing him on the cheek as he lay completely exhausted. ‘Good bye, handsome,’ she whispered, noticing a smile emerging on his face.

‘Good bye, sexy.’ He said, closing his eyes once more and allowing himself to begin to slip into what would hopefully be a deep sleep. He felt her leave the room, the whole experience replaying through his mind as her heels clicked on the floor.

He heard her open the door and, just as she’d arrived a beautiful stranger, she left as one too. He knew he would see her again but, for tonight, just wanted to enjoy the ease of a relationship with no strings attached, no commitment needed and nothing to be said.

She thanked the friendly doorman as he held the door open for her. ‘Have a fantastic evening, madame.’ He said.

‘I just did.’ She replied, smiling as she slipped back into the night.

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