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Sacrificing Pixels for Authenticity

Honestly, I love the creative side of a photoshoot. Planning a theme, wardrobe, setting; the tiniest details that can turn a shoot into a SHOOT. But I've been thinking lately, whilst in the process of planning another professional shoot (which I'm extremely excited about - watch this space), the act of posing for someone, for their camera, their gaze, trying to figure out which angles work, which corner of the room is most attractive - all pressures and focuses that are often inherent in a professional shoot - can actually unintentionally get in the way of presenting what I want to show - the real, relaxed, authentic me. Whilst I've zero intention of cancelling my professional shoot, I got to thinking - what would it be like to book a hotel room for a day and go there simply by myself with my phone and its camera. No fancy equipment, no big soft boxes hanging over me, just me and a desire to capture something real. So, I went, and I did!

Though I went there purely with the intention of taking simple mirror selfies, the mood took me and I ended up fully letting my exhibitionist side out to play. It also occurred to me during this whole process that it might be quite cool to add short video clips into the mix, allowing you to see my body moving and bring me to life.

I have now created a new section at the top of my portfolio so that you can view my efforts (over and over again, should you wish!). I have also made a general update to my site, including adding new friends for when threesomes and moresomes are on the horizon (hint hint). I also had the unique horror the other day of realising just how terrible my portfolio looked when viewed on a mobile phone - something I've managed to be totally oblivious to up to this point! Hopefully that is now fixed, too.

Below are some more examples of new content, but head over to my portfolio to see all! I really hope that you'll enjoy viewing my new photos and videos - in all their low res glory - as much as I enjoyed taking them for you. There is something so deliciously sexy about taking selfies for a lover, wouldn't you agree?

ps - scroll to the bottom to see one that is too naughty for Twitter!

Wink wink...;)

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