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Mmf, that's good...

Just a short blog today; I’m supposed to be cooking dinner but apparently no amount of trying to concentrate on food-related matters will take my focus away from day dreaming about a ménage à trois, so I guess I’ll just give up trying until I’ve got this out of my system. Anyone who follows me and my promiscuous butt will know that I just LOVE a good threesome. Amongst other things, I find the potential for exploring different dynamics almost endless, and certainly feel that more is often merrier (though, of course, one to one can be equally as thrilling). If you don’t believe me, go take a look at the duo site that Carla James

and I share (and the blog there on why you should all have a threesome, particularly one that involves us!):

Seriously, it’s joyous.

Anyway. When people (ok, men) think of a threesome, they generally tend to picture two women and one man. Why? Well, apart from it being unspeakably hot, I would argue that perhaps an MFF threesome is slightly more ‘acceptable’ socially. It’s widely accepted that many men enjoy watching two women together, be that in porn or in real life, and so I suppose it is logical that a man might very much enjoy having a threesome with two beautiful women. Valid, and hot! But there is another equally appealing option that gets spoken about slightly less; the MMF, or male-male-female threesome. Two men, one woman.

Oh, Mother MAY I…

I have spoken with a lot of men who fantasise about having a threesome with another man, and it can be every bit as hot as one involving two women. Think about it; you’ve got a gorgeous, sexy slut, and you can share her, you can watch her being fucked, you can spit roast her, you can fuck her whilst he’s fucking her, and that’s all assuming you don’t wish to also interact with him…

I’ve been a big fan of threesomes of all varieties since I can remember, and had my first MMF experience with an ex, who tied me up in his bedroom and told me that his friend wanted to fuck me. He blindfolded me, left the room and, after a little while of listening to him and his mysterious friend chat over beer, I became aware of someone else being in the room with me and, before long, it was happening. First it was just me and his friend, then he joined in too. It was a whirlwind and OH MY GOD - so hot. To this day, I don’t know what his friend looks like, nor what his name was. But I do know that I enjoyed the experience immensely, and I certainly get the impression that so did they. My ex still talks about it even all of these years later.

Anyhow, this is all a very longwinded way of telling you that if you’d like to experience an MMF threesome - maybe for the first time, maybe not - let me help you! I am well versed in the art of DP (double penetration) and can also recommend a man to suit your taste (straight or bi, as you wish) who could join us. Don’t be scared; it’s not nearly as intimidating as you might think and, by the end, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it years ago. I must warn you though, it’s something you won’t ever forget, and once you’ve done it, you’ll want to do it again…and again.

Kisses, D x

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